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About Despicable

About Despicable

After years of tinkering ideas over and over I settled for the pseudo name Despicable Deb. She came about after the last election in the US. The name represents the backlash I receive from folks that feel my open-minded views are against American policies.

I pretty much call myself despicable because I do not agree with the conventional ways of things that for the most part other people think.

I have no religion, I question God, I believe in gay rights, women’s right, black lives Do matter, gun regulations, common sense, kindness and a clean environment. But in the eyes of many I’m despicable. So be it, but it would be nice to live where the air is clean the water is fresh and people were kind.

If that is despicable, well then.

People will argue with me to the bone to defend the hate that has been conjured up since the new (cough) president has taken office. They make me feel very despicable, so I went with it.

However, through despicable I find I can be myself, DEB, not mom, not sister, not wife, not friend or foe, but ME. Sarcastic, sassy, romantic, political, empathetic, emotional, informed, radical, designer, artistic, creative…….and DESPICABLE!

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