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The Dog Gone DemoGorgon

Feeding Dart

Spoiler Alert – If you are a fan of strangers things and have not watch the second season, you’re in for a few new characters. One new little creature slowly makes his way into the heart of Dustin as Dustin finds it lurking in his garbage can looking for food.

When Dustin proceeds to brings it into the house a few things come to my mind after he believes it’s some sort of new pollywog…….Gremlins.


Gremlins was released in 1984, about an inventor dad looking for a unique Christmas gift for his son. He hits up what looks like a small shop in China town and buys a little creature called a Mogwai, they named him Gizmo.

With this creature come three strict rules:

1. No Bright Lights (Bright light hurts him, sunlight can kill him.

2. Do Not Get Him Wet (He’ll multiply)

3. Never Feed Him After Midnight No Matter How Much He Begs. ( If you do, you will regret it!)


Feeding after midnight on Left.


So when Dustin takes in his so called pollywog and starts to feed it a Three Musketeer Bar, I was truly wondering…

I thought maybe it would become the DemoGorgon, but instead we are introduce to the minion dog version of the DemoGorgon, the Demo Dog. Dustin decides to call his dog D’artagnan or Dart for short.

It continues to grow and eat and when it ends up eating Dustin’s cat Mews the fun ends there are far as having a special new pet for Dustin.


If you are looking for some creative and unique Christmas gifts and you’re a fan of Stranger Things or Gremlins, Check out these funky little finds for great Christmas gifts.

Stranger Things DemoGorgon (Amazon)


Gremlins Mogwai – Gizmo (Amazon)


 But remember, do not feed them after midnight.

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